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Male Enhancement pills were developed a number of years ago. How do Red Boost feel about the top male enhancement pills? Has there been research and clinical trials conducted on these penis enlargement pills? And what were the results? What kind of side effects come with male enhancement pills? And is there an unbiased male enhancement pill review anywhere?

Probably the most worrisome fact about the pills is that there don’t seem to be any independent clinical trials that prove or disprove their claims. And it’s not because there aren’t any number of men willing to participate to see if a male enhancement pill can do anything for them. Most men would volunteer without blinking an eye. Since there don’t seem to be any clinical trials all you can do is accept the manufacturers word that the pills can add inches to your penis.

The real truth is that male enhancement pills don’t work nearly as well as advertised. Most pills are a mixture of libido enhancement herbs. Although they increase circulation to the penis, this temporary increase only results in harder erections. These erections fool you into believing that your penis is actually growing.

Ok, but really…who’s going to sue a company because their penis didn’t grow as claimed. Most men would never admit to using them. The one good thing that generally happens is that most companies that manufacture penis enlargement pills deliver them with instructions on doing penis enlargement exercises. If the exercise program is followed, the penis will then show some growth.

A good exercise program along with a traction device will really improve your results. Actually, anyone following a good exercise program is going to show improvement in their penis size and it doesn’t matter what type of pill they take…or even if they take a pill at all.

There are formulations from reputable suppliers that claim only to increase libido and contain much the same ingredients, often of better quality and so much cheaper! Now that you know they don’t work, you will be concerned with any side effects of penis enlargement pills.

Plant extracts may have serious side effects, even if they are all natural. As with almost anything, a small dose won’t do any harm, a larger dose will have some effects and an overdose will be poisonous. Penis pills contain a variety of plant extracts and, unfortunately, there is little or no research on the effects that combinations of different substances may have on human body. Most of these plant extracts are used because they are thought to improve blood flow and increase arousal and libido.

The real truth is that you can’t get any permanent results with a pill. Although you might get a short term increase, it won’t last. If you really would like to increase the size of the penis, the best way is to start an exercise program with a good enhancement device. This will give you good results the safe way.

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