InstiCheck 3.0 is one of the latest popular software that is extremely user-friendly and innovative for check writing and printing. This might not be the first choice for very large multinational company, but for any small or medium size business this one has all the elements like security. Here are some features which you might find in InstiCheck 3.0

Overall Ranking

Priced at $99.00 InstiCheck can be placed among the top five check writing software. With this software you can easily shift your payments to the email as well. You can not only use this software from office, the remote access is also possible. The other important features include the sharing of the easy to understand operating of often a complex check writing process.

Printing Template

The printing process with InstiCheck is quick and fuss free. You are given a standard background to add the different aspects like fonts, color scheme, and graphics. The process might be straight forward but there are many checks that can be handy for audit process too. There is a build in set of checks to select from also, but you can design your own unique checks quite easily as well.

Emailing with InstiCheck

The InstiCheck provides the service of delivery of checks via Email. This service is not only great for being quick; there is another aspect best essay writing service reddit of security as well. The payee is provided with the key to open and print the checks. The user can only use the key with in the time specified by the sender as a result the key only works for the limited time only.

Digital Signature

InstiCheck 3.0 can be used for adding the digital signature to your checks quite easily too. You can place the scanned checks over the checks in few clicks and even E-mail the same to your customers quite easily.

Check Encryption

Your checks can be kept safe even after sending to the customers via E-mail. With this software you can add the pass word to open the encryption of the checks. As only authorized person with full authority have the access to the password, this is quite safe way to transfer, especially if you are working between countries or cities.


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