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Do I Need Building Permits? Home Remodeling

Most contractors don’t like to hear the words building permits or building department. I seem to get the jitters and break out in hives, every time someone wants me to go down and deal with my local build department. I’m kidding of course, but it’s not too far from the truth.

Do you need building permits? It all depends on which city or county that you live in. If you’re doing minor or major home remodeling, there’s a good chance that you will need to get a permit. A long time ago, you didn’t need permits for something like changing out a water heater, today you do.

It’s easy to find out, whether you need building permits or not. You need to contact your local city or county offices. This can be done by looking in your phone book or even on the Internet. The first thing that you are going to be looking for is a city or county builder department or planning department.

If you can’t find the building department, you might be able to find the planning department and these people can usually help you or at least direct you to the build department IECC . Sometimes the planning department is connected directly to the building department.

Here’s something else you need to consider, if you live in a city and have a building department, specifically for your city, you could actually be under county jurisdictions. So in other words, if you call your city build department, they can usually direct you to the county builder department, if you live within their specific jurisdictions.

Once you reach the building department, they can help you answer any of your questions, and tell you, whether you need a building permit or not, for your particular remodeling or home repair project.

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