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Entertainment – The Best Television Shows

I am fond of watching television so I always keep an eye if ever there will be some new shows coming up. It doesn’t matter whether it is a classic series or a fresh program, I really enjoy watching these television masterpieces that are currently being broadcast by big TV channels or any cable stations.

With that in mind, I would like to refer two homeland project free tv shows that I think would definitely be worth your time. I suppose that if you are familiar with these shows, then you already are a fan of them. If not, then here’s your chance to start.

The first one is called Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David showed his skills and talents on this show. It’s been airing for almost seven years and as time passes by, it just seems to have gotten more and more popular. This show really makes me laugh.

In case you didn’t know, Larry David is the creator of the comedy, Seinfeld. This time, he doesn’t just show his writing skills. He also shows his acting ability by being the lead character on the show. He finds himself around different cities, meeting people and creating fun adventures.

It would look and feel so familiar if you have watched and enjoyed Seinfeld before. Though these days, many people consider this show to have more potential and greater success than Seinfeld.

Since you’re already familiar with Curb Your Enthusiasm, I think this next show might not ring a bell. The title is Party Down. It’s comedy is almost equal to that of Curb your Enthusiasm because this story shows how a group of caterers can also deal with some good Californian adventure.

With good actors and a great script, the show offers an exciting ride of events. They have different locations such as formal gatherings, college parties or high school homecoming.

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