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Going E-Mobile: Eco-Friendly Cellular Phones

The handiest electronic gadgets, cellular phones are the fastest-selling devices in the global market. They dominate the electronic industry. Convenient and compact, they have influenced almost every aspect of human activity so that most users consider them a necessity.

Studies found users spend more time on their cell phones than on any other electronic device. About 50% of users prefer to go online using their smart phones. Most use their phones while watching TV.

However, cellular phones are the most frequently updated and replaced products. Compared with other electronic gadgets, they only have a shelf life of approximately 24 months. Here’s what consumers do not realize: manufacturing, owning, and disposing them pose a significant threat to the environment. Thus, environmentalists advocate purchasing eco-friendly phones.

Eco-Friendly Specifications

Recognizing the environmental hazards of cellular phones, manufacturers are now employing greener technologies. A number of eco-phones have already been released, but that is not where it ends. As part of the cell phone life cycle, it is a must for consumers to know their responsibility as owners. When choosing a new phone, here are a few things shoppers should consider:

Recycled phones. The best way to recycle is to prolong the life of a cell phone. Some alternatives to cell phone disposal? Refurbishing, gifting, and donating.

Trade-in deals. Most carriers offer trade-in deals, which allow consumers to swap old units for newer models at a minimal cost. These are practical options for those who update their phones frequently.

Eco-friendly manufacturing. Before finalizing a purchase, shoppers 手機回收 should find out more about how the unit was constructed or what materials were used. Ideally, eco-friendly cellular phones are made of 70 to 80% post-consumer waste material and/or bioplastic. PVC, phtalate, and brominated flame retardant contents must be avoided. Some brands also use packaging made of recycled materials.

In addition, mobile phones made of casings screwed together are sensible choices. Unlike their glued up counterparts, screwed ones are easier to dismantle and repair.

Efficient chargers. Manufacturers developed efficient chargers, which prompt the owner when a phone is fully charged.

Forward-thinkers are constantly developing models powered by cleaner energy sources. For instance, Micromax released a solar-powered phone that allows as much as 90-minutes of talk time out in the sun.

Multi-functional features. The advantage of multi-functionality is that cell phone owners can use one gadget instead of four. They can lessen the usage of computers, cameras, and digital organizers. Therefore, that would be three less gadgets to maintain.

Most cell phones have a number of uses other than sending out text messages and making phone calls. Taking photos, playing games, and browsing the Internet are just a few of the many things you can do with your phone.


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