Drama can be a bitter pill to swallow. Just when things are fine, turmoil runs amok and ruins what could have been a life long friendship. Of course you still get to see your friends again after your dramatic session… as they give you mean glances from across the room.

People who like drama enjoy it for very specific reasons, typically, it’s because of an addiction…

That’s right… ADDICTION.

Any time people engage in destructive behavior, you can be sure that they get a “hidden benefit” from it. Someone who smokes kills themselves slowly, but they get the hidden benefit of feeling relaxed, amongst other things. Someone who has eaten their way to obesity gets to feel small bursts of endorphins which make them happy.

What might someone who likes drama get out of it? They might get to be the center of attention. They might get to feel like the hero, they might get to feel excitement. Perhaps they feel closer to their friends as they hate another set of people because this person who likes drama is lonely.

I cannot tell you exactly what the emotion is, but I promise you, someone who likes drama, gets a hidden emotional benefit from it. Human beings are extremely addictive creatures. At any given time, the average person is addicted to at least ten things that he  Dramacool  or she isn’t even aware of.

What’s more, addictions are more sophisticated that most people realize. Have you ever seen an alcoholic whose wife and children have left him, but he cannot stop drinking? Or perhaps you’ve seen the anti smoking commercials where someone dying of lung cancer inhales a cigarette from a hole in their chest. We can have addictions even when we hate those addictions…

And dare I suggest that you might be addicted to drama even if you hate it? Yes… I hate to say it… but if drama surrounds your life, it’s because you’re attracting it for some “hidden benefit”.

If you’re still reading this that means that you haven’t branded me as a lunatic, and you at least want to see where I’m going with this. Thank you. If you have drama in your life, then there’s a hidden benefit you get from it. The key to freeing yourself from drama, is to figure out what you get out of drama, and start getting that hidden benefit elsewhere.

If you get excitement out of drama, find another way to be excited, etc. Of course if all of your friends love drama too, you will have to try to help them realize their own addictions, our consider making new friends as well.

Drama can spoil a good friendship. While it is exciting, it’s often more trouble than it’s worth. Don’t let it get the best of you. If you want to learn more about building strong friendships and getting to the top of your social circle, be sure to visit my blog.


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