Some of the issues you need to decide on even before viewing is a puppy are :-

Colour- Bulldogs come in the following colours , white, brindle, red or an French bulldog under $1000 combination of these is a desirable mix. Black is viewed by the kennel club as not being so. If you just want a pet than you may be able to buy a black bulldog at a discount from a breeder.

Boy or Girl – Bitches are normally a little more affectionate that boys, are slightly smaller and less boisterous. You need to remember that a bitch will come in to season approximately every six months and not only can this create staining in your home but also mean that you may be fighting off amorous males if you take your bitch out during this time. When you visit a breeder you should be able to tell the sex of the puppies without actually looking at their genitalia. The males will have bigger heads, be bigger boned and probably be more active. the females will be a little more reserved.

When you visit the breeder –

Insist on seeing the mother. If she is not there then don’t buy a puppy. simple as that. A puppy needs it’s mother up to eight weeks. Even though they may be weaned at 5 weeks the puppy still needs it’s mother to teach it and discipline it. Do not be tempted as you may suffer from your puppy exhibiting behavior problems at a later date. The father may not be present but don’t be alarmed as many breeders will take their bitch to another breeder who owns a good quality stud to have her bred.

Straight tail – You may find when looking at the litter that some of the puppies have a screw tail or pigs tail. This is a curly tail that isn’t liked within the breed standard. You should chose a puppy with a straight tail. Now the straight tail doesn’t have to be dead straight. Most bulldogs puppies have a kink in their tails and this is perfectly acceptable.

Ask the owner if you can pick up the puppy. Even at 6 weeks the puppies will have their own personality and you should know which dog will suit your lifestyle. Please bear in mind that you don’t have to chose from the first litter you see so take your time before deciding.

Jenni Hadlow has been a bulldog owner and breeder for many years as well as being an internet marketeer.


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