There are many strategies for making the most of your gold production methods in World of Warcraft. I recently caught up with Luke Brown, the author of ‘Gold Secrets’, the original World of Warcraft gold guide to find out some of the techniques that the pros use.


Professions are good ways to begin making money. Most professions allow you to make goods that you can then sell to other characters. A combination of primary professions to gather material and craft the gathered material into useful gear / items to trade – is a very good combo. Your crafted items have more value if your skills are greater. Spend time on the secondary professions (fishing, cooking, first aid) as well – there is plenty of gold to be made there too.

The Auction House (AH)

Whether you are dealing in potions, epic weapons, or reagents,¬† Buy wow gold¬† the Auction House can be your lifeblood . You must learn how to use the Auction House early on. Learning to use it can be tricky, but is more than worth it. If you don’t need them, sell all green, blue and purple items at auction. Grey items can usually be sold to any vendor.

Pets, recipes, items, etc. can all be sold for gold if you have the patience to keep an eye out for stuff that can be sold over the Neutral Auction House for a decent profit.

The Trade Channel

When you can, keep your eyes on channel 2 because occasionally you will find very good deals as many people are competing with the AH in terms of price and this can be even better if a particular market is in a slump. Hawk your wares – by learning how to use the Trade Channel to shout about your auction items. Learn from the Goblins in this matter – “We have what you need!”

Keep your eyes peeled for Parts 2 & 3 of this article series for more valuable Warcraft Tips & Tricks!


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