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Livestrong Fitness Review

How to Inhale and Exhale Your Way to Better, Stronger FitnessIt’s easy to find the very best in fitness equipment from a company that gives back. Livestrong Fitness gives you the highest quality exercise equipment, incredible customer service, and every purchase made supports the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation in its fight against cancer anabolic pharma steroids. What could be better than taking care of you while helping to improve the lives of cancer victims?

Their line of top-quality Treadmills make it easy to jump-start your fitness routine. With powerful motors and rugged frames, you can find one that easily fits your need. Plus, the lifetime warranty means you can count on the quality. Browse their selection of models and you’ll see that Livestrong Fitness has a great array of Treadmills to suit any fitness need.

The line of Elliptical machines offered allows you to move to a stronger you, naturally. Ellipticals use your body’s own movements to naturally deliver a cardio workout like no other. It will be easy to achieve your fitness goals with their selection of models well suited to a variety of fitness levels and needs. The lifetime warranty means you don’t have to worry about the quality of a Livestrong Fitness Elliptical.

They also offer a top of the line indoor fitness cycle worthy of a touring cyclist. The adjustability of the cycle allows for a custom cycling experience that will kick start anyone’s cardio routine. Special features allow the rider to track progress to better meet their fitness goals.

Whatever you’re after in fitness equipment, Livestrong Fitness is working every day to provide the best quality, most effective equipment available. Whether you want to lose weight, train for a big event, or simply stay fit, they have the equipment for you. Free shipping, guaranteed satisfaction, and community involvement make it easy to give them a try for your fitness needs.

Live in Fit camps or “fat camps” as they have mockingly been called in the past, offer a new sort of inpatient behavioral change therapy for adopting healthy eating and exercise habits. In some cases, it can be a mere case of vanity or the need to compete on a higher level of physical performance and appearance. For some, it is more than doctors’ orders. The obese weight loss patient becomes a live in fitness client with a goal to preserve life itself, rather than vanity. Both ends of the spectrum can find diet and exercise behavioral modification at a live in fit camp. However, the key is that it takes 21 days to break old habits and establish new ones. Anything short of that could result in succumbing to the old ways again.

So when you ask how long is long enough, you need to factor in the proven guidelines of behavioral change. The 21-day or 3-week rule is hard to argue with behavioral psychologists and fitness professionals alike. We know how firmly entrenched that human tendencies can be.

Sure, you can be taught what to do and what to eat. The question is, “don’t you already have a pretty good idea of what good food choices are? Surely you have heard about the Surgeon General’s report-a call to action for every man, woman, and child, that inactivity is hazardous to your health.”

Of course, you already have a pretty good idea of good diet and proper exercise. Following a lifestyle regimen that includes planning your meals, preparing nutritious foods to take along, making good choices when out, and making time for exercise activity takes good habits. Knowledge is one thing. You actually have to form a habit. A habit is a second nature of behaving. You can craft the right habits by doing the right things long enough.

Sometimes you can gain good habits by osmosis. That is just by being associated with others who have these habits. Then there are live-in fit camps where people go to program good behaviors and develop good habits. Professional guidance, education, compelling results, are available at a live in fit camp. Of course, a 24/7 environment of positive reinforcement with a minimum 3-week stay is the ultimate way to make a lifestyle change.

In June of 1999, the best-selling book “Body-for-LIFE” proved with verified case after case that anyone could be inspired, motivated, and taught to self-train with the right written information. True, anyone could. However, many wanted the results but could not put the guidelines in the book into practical application. Then there were hundreds who won big prize money and went from “before” to “after” with astounding results in only 12 weeks. That’s three months to go from couch potato to fitness champion. It can be done once the mental switch has gone off in one’s head that you can do it. These methods are taught and applied at a live in fitcamp and the client develops the habits to support the continued lifestyle once they go back home. That’s what it takes for most people stuck in the rut of poor habits.

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