The Country Golf Skill Stop Machines a factory refurbished machine that provides wonderful home entertainment. This is one of the machines brought from the international casinos in Japan. In these casinos in Japan, the machines are supposed to be taken out of the casinos where they are being used before two years.

Some of these machines are brand new. Some of the machines are taken out well before the two years that they have to serve at the casinos. These machines are sanded and cleaned. Then the cabinets are painted with high quality and highly e durable exterior paint. Black paint is applied for protection.

An electrical overhauling is done to ensure machine safety, functioning, and user safety. The trained technicians conduct this electrical overhauling. IN the cleaning process the exterior cleaning ensures beauty and luster are put back to the machine. The inner components are properly cleaned and lubricated and they are brought back to their original condition.

High quality detailing wax is applied to put back the actual shine that the machine donned. The cleaning solutions are the best and it ensures that the machine is bought back to its original brand new condition. The skilled technicians put the machine through an array of tests so that the machine functions safely and cleanliness is maintained.

Each Country Golf Skill Stop Machine has a two-year warranty to go with it. The two-year warranty covers everything except the light bulbs. The warranty does not cover the damages that ensue from water, lightning, fire and other natural causes. The warranty does not cover damage due to dropping too. The warranty is to the original purchaser and is not transferable สมัครสล็อต   unless special arrangements are made at the time of purchasing.

The Country Golf Skill Stop Machine plugs right the wall of the user and there is no installation required. The machine is 110 volt ready. There is no special arrangement required for installation. There is a key for total access to the machine. The key helps the user to understand the machine better in order to operate it better.

There is a reset switch key to change the odds. There is a basic operating manual and technical support by phone. The technical support is very useful since it dispels the possibilities of technical failure that may trouble users who are not familiar with these things. The unlimited technical support over phone is a boon.


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