Keshetadvisors business Samsung U800 – Out of this World Handset

Samsung U800 – Out of this World Handset

These days, mobile phones are essential communicating devices which one would want to possess in order to seek a healthy and fulfilling relationship with family and friends by staying connected with them. Mobile companies are now committed to come up with impressive names to attract the customers with innovative names such as Orsay and Viewty and Steel and Tocco from Samsung. S some of the mobile names have gradually become more and more vague. Samsung which is a renowned mobile manufacturing company has always maintained a trust with its customers. The phones manufactured by Samsung are ultra-stylish and sleek. Samsung has been constantly gaining success with its advanced functionalities. samsung 55au7700

Samsung phones are quite appealing in their design. These lavish phones come with unique features which keep the user updated and they certainly attract the onlookers with their out of the world attributes. The soul range of these handsets generally stands for spirit of ultra, the ultra range was highly successful series of mobile phones which were launched till date. Moreover, the new “soul” series was launched to find the same kind of success.

The very first release from this series was addition to this series is called the Samsung U800 which is very different from U900 as it is in called the Samsung U900 which was available in a variety of colours. The design of this handset is similar to the Nokia 6500 Classic since both of the phones are slim and sleek in their design and are also manufactured using the same kind of material. Samsung U800 is also known by another name which fell into category of the ‘spirit of soul’ series. Samsung Soul B was the name allotted to the handset during its production period. However, the name was altered by retailers in order to avoid any kind of confusion with the original Samsung Soul.

Samsung U800, is smaller in its dimensions when compared with the U900 Soul. This unconventionally named handset is loaded with a 3.15 megapixel camera which also has an autofocus camera which has a built-in LED flash and video recording features in addition to a secondary videocall camera.

As far as the connectivity feature is concerned, this attractive gadget is incorporated with 3G HSDPA connectivity as well as the Triband GSM with EDGE technology and GPRS support. The Bluetooth wireless and USB enable the user to exchange and transfer files to various other compatible devices. In addition to high speed connectivity, the Samsung U800 is also facilitated with a dynamic media player which offers support for many audio file formats.

The phone also has a FM radio which keeps the users updated with the latest news, songs and other events. This slim looking mobile phone has a 2 inches screen which displays 16K colours hence the user can take the privilege of enjoying a bright and vibrant screen. In addition to these unique features, the Samsung U800 has a phonebook which will store details of as many as 1000 entries. This exclusive handset is preloaded with an Office document viewer and it also has various messaging service such as SMS, MMS, EMS and also Email hence the user can keep in touch with his near and dear oner within a matter of time. This trendy mobile phone is available as a SIM free handset and it comes in silver casing.

Moreover, this performance-oriented mobile phone is the most trusted handset available in the market and it has won the heart of people worldwide. It is rich in features and high on quality, stability as well as efficiency. Therefore, Samsung U800 is one which excels in every aspect and has tremendous appeal.


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