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SEO Tools Backlink Checkers to Check Links to Any Site

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A backlink to your site, from another similar site is called relevant backlink, and is worth more in the ranking numbers than a backlink SEO backlinks to out site, coming from an article writing site. See how it works? relevancy is the word to remember when looking for sites to get quality backlinks from. One of the easiest ways to go about getting massive amounts of backlinks is to hand submit to as many Free Backlink Directories, forum postings, leaving comments on blogs, writing articles and publishing on article sites, all while leaving a trail back to your own site, wherever you go. Think of it as leaving breadcrumbs as you walk in the woods.

On most free backlink sites, You can elect to hand submit your links to backlink directories on one day, and then use the paid version of backlink marketing services on the next day, and pay a small fee to have someone submit to hundreds or thousands of places for you. This process works very well for many sites and cuts down on the actual time on the computer. Someone looking to promote their site by hand and get good results can expect to spend a week typing and submitting, but also by paying a submit service to submit your link to 300-500 directories for you, this will get you started. If you have the time in the beginning, try to submit you link to several sites, every single day for a while and you will see your site move slowly up the Google ladder until you someday reach Googles’ Page One. Once you achieve your rankings in Google, it does not mean that you can stop getting backlinks and remain in that position. You must change the content or add new content to your site and continue to get quality free backlinks forever.

In SEO backlinks are the single most precious resource. That’s why website promoters spend most of their time hunting for links. Searching for link sources by hand is no longer an option. Whether you want to research your own link profile or scan the links of your competition you need to use backlink checkers for this. That’s why backlink checking apps are among the most popular SEO tools.

The grand daddy of all backlink checkers and perhaps the single most widely used SEO tool on the planet. Yahoo! Site Explorer is great for running quick checks on sites’ ranking profiles. It’s free and very straightforward to use: you enter the url of the site you want to check and Site Explorer generates a list of pages linking to it.Backlink Watch is an online backlink checker that helps you not only see what sites link to a page, but also gives you some data for SEO analysis, such as the title of the linking page, the anchor text of the link, whether the link is dofollow or nofollow, etc. The tool pulls the list of links from Yahoo! Site Explorer, so don’t expect wider or different results.

Webconfs offers a collection of free online SEO tools. Two of them are designed for backlink research. The first tool is called Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer. It shows you what pages are linking to a particular domain and with what anchor texts. If there are several links on a page you’ll see all the anchor texts used on each page. The second tool is Backlink Summary. It does exactly what its name suggests gives you a summary of the domains linking to a page and shows you how many links are on each.

If you’re really serious about SEO you need to have some more solid backlink checkers at your disposal that would let you dive deeper into the link index, check more links and gather more data for analysis. That’s where tools like SEO SpyGlass, Majestic SEO and Linkscape come in handy. These three tools can dig up much more backlinks to a site than any other backlink checkers out there. The difference between them is that Majestic and Linkscape rely on their own crawlers and link bases while SEO SpyGlass queries a vast number of search engines and uses advanced search operators to find more links. Both approaches have their strong points.

Using their own crawlers allows gathering larger number of backlinks but also makes the service more expensive both for the company and for the end user. Plus large data sets are usually harder to analyze and make use of. The search engine based approach of SEO SpyGlass gets you only the links that search engines display resulting in a bit smaller link profile but you can run unlimited backlink checks at no additional cost and the data you get is more actionable.This is where backlinks come into play. The more quality backlinks you have, trust your page and the energy might have. To place the articles is king legend to rest, we might say that content is not king. Maybe content is duke will be a better term, as all Search engine optimization experts know that back-links are king.

Understanding Backlinks Not all back-links are the same. Most backlinks are just junk and carry no worth Value will be carried by A connection if it comes from a page with a few outbound links.There are a few conditions you ought to be familiar with in order to distinguish between quality links: Page Rank The Google Page Rank is. The worth ranges from zero to ten. Page Rank uses an exponential scale, and research into it’s Shown that each extra point for PR means five-time more energy.

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