In a country 查資產 where communism did not allow any kind of private business for about 50 years, detective agencies are a common site in present Romania, most of them being legally established and licensed by the Romanian Police.

Although the agencies have a lot of Romanian clients, foreigners from all over the world are a big part of the clients involving economical investigations, background checks, sentimental crocks investigations and photo-video surveillance.

Most of the Romanian private detectives and legal advisers do speak English and collaborated in the past with agencies from countries like: USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Nigeria and other European and African countries. They made a name by getting the job done.

Romanian detectives certainly have all the contacts and knowledge that will help you solve your problems while in Romania or working with Romanian nationals. Also if you’re just planning to visit or make business in Romania, they can provide information and guidance for you to go into the right places and stay out of trouble.

It is very important to know that the Romanian law states that a security company cannot provide detective services as well as detective agency is not allowed to provide security services. However most of the Romanian security companies have sometimes “sister” companies that can legally provide investigation and surveillance services in Romania. The main problem of this practice is using security personnel instead of qualified Romanian private investigators for detective work. Most of the time this will get the customers in trouble and finally they will hire a real Romanian detective agency to do the proper work at professional standards. The bottom line is that you should not always ask your security provider for detective services.

Do not be impressed by people who recommend themselves as “Colonel”, “General” and so on. They are usually honest and those were real ranks from the Romanian army, police or secret services, but as all the ex-communist countries, Romania had an obese military system filled with superior officers that were actually not needed in a healthy and normal army. So if somebody was a high rank officer it is most likely that he spent most of his military carrier behind a desk or doing any kind of job other than a detective related one. This old practice has remained till this day, only in the recent years we had close to 1000 new generals. This number is huge for a mid-sized NATO country like Romania, that is not engaged in any military conflicts, except a small number of soldiers sent for peacekeeping missions in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I hope that this information will help you make an idea about the Romanian detective business in general and also prevent you from making any mistakes that could affect in a bad matter your company or even your private life.


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