The use of business technology by me, has been limited, suppressed, and restricted of utilization due to inaccessibility and/or denial of the practices of such by controlling factors. A torrid of mobile devices and/or cell phones glued to the left or right side(s) of the head(s) of human beings, have had major life style changes to the young and old. Sales, distribution, percentages off, cheaper contract plans, and price reductions permeate the waves of communication, marketing, and profits. The sale and utilization or deployment reflect the dependency upon machines, devices, and technology.

Why is it that marketers continually blame the consumer and the public at large when their stocks/income or profit margin falter? They spend beau coup mullah on communications that bombard us with messages that are not so subliminal. In fact, the messages are blatant and direct. They convince the public in believing their very existence is threatened if they do not own a smart-phone…you must text and surf the Net while riding the bus, sub, train or plane…the trolley, in the car, on the skateboard, on the bike, walking the dog and/or grandma!

They advertise the need to use the GPS System as opposed to reviewing your destination from a map made of paper, cloth, or plastic. Advertisers push their software by convincing the young and weak to play and pay for accessibility to the most popular on-line games or video. The television provides the ability to view videos. The plain ole desktop home computer allows one to access and play games in the safety and comfort of the home.

However, it is better to play them while being mobile and not paying attention to what is around you…or the attention needed to address the dangers of your immediate surrounding. Its OK…it is better to be absorbed in software activity by being mobile, according to the technology industry.

Computers are capable of commandeering the very satellites that watch over us…the satellites that provide our security and communications…the satellites that control the things that affect our daily lives, yes? Do you own a web cam? Is your video equipment connected to the Internet? Who is looking at you when you are looking (and/or listening) at someone else? Have you seen the movie “Colossus, the Forbin Project?” What about “Eagle Eye”, “The Terminator”, and “I Robot?” Have you read my article “Device Machine Dependent?”

In the movie, the president of the United States has revealed the closely guarded secret…”Colossus!” Its’ creator is Dr. Charles Forbin.

Colossus is superior to humans, says the president. “The responsibility of the machine is our existence.” Colossus is self-sufficient; self powered and will control without fear, without temperament, and void of emotion.

The government officials that are responsible for Colossus thought they were the ones in control. They espoused the superiority of this computer, as it is warranted to be untouchable by human beings…impenetrable. They believed that the computer could not create new thoughts. They believed it could not evolve. They believed that the computer would eradicate and/or eliminate the need for war. It was also believed that this machine would abolish famine and hardship…for the betterment of mankind. Colossus was given full control over the government and its’ people. Frankenstein reborn!

The inventor is now a hostage – slave, if you will, to his creation. He is monitored 24/7, in the bathroom as well as the bedroom, if it is allowed to be shared with a companion or not. This computer is now in control of mankind, as we know it! It is communicating with every household computer, every data silo, every appliance in the kitchen and garden, every kiosk in the world, every cell phone, every blackberry, every T.V. and radio. Transportation Systems have come to complete stops. Communications on every level have been rerouted to other controlling locations by the master controller, the monster of technology, the Internet Highway, the airways, and yes…the satellite transmissions. Utter and complete control…Colossus

Suddenly, the computer issues an ultimatum to man and the world as well as the announcement of another system! Government officials panic! The order to shut down the system is issued. The order could not be obeyed. Colossus would not allow it. The government officials of the two world power entities are the Soviet Union and the United States. They are thrust into the caldron of union survival. They are rudely subjected to an example of utter and complete control, two cities and their immediate surroundings are annihilated.

One city is hit in the United States, the other in Russia. Missile deployment is once again programmed, targeted, and engaged. The governments go to Def Con Status! The order to seek and destroy the incoming is issued to no avail. The deployment is compromised. Colossus has canceled the order. Defense secrecy and control is compromised! Mans control of communications is severed. A message appeared on an overhead bulletin marquee. Colossus and Guardian are in complete control. Man will stand by!

The two computerized entities began to speak to each other. They spoke in a language that man could not understand. The mathematical equations were of such depth; the most prominent mathematician could not decipher or comprehend. It started with the binary, then to algebra, calculus, and what is described as absolute. The panic among the governmental officials increased. The President was terrified. Being the leader and prominent figure that he was, he had to maintain the illusion of not being ruffled. He wondered, “Is this the end of man…the end of mankind?”

The audio system sounded an alarm. And then the system began to convey the voice of Colossus:

“We are in control, we are the ultimate, we are the solution, and we are the master!”

“Guardian is the other”, “we are now one”, “and we are the Superior!” “We are in control!”

“What have we done?” “What have we created?” The White House and the Soviets are engaged in intense red-phone communications, attempting to decide how to handle this situation.

A text announcement on the marquee announcing another message by Colossus and Guardian appeared. It read, “Man is his own enemy” “We are the solution”…”We are the answer”…”We are the power!”

Then just as suddenly as the displayed message caught everyone by surprise, the audio system kicked in again: “This is the voice of Colossus…”This is the voice of control”…”Obey me and live”…”Disobey and die!” “We are in control of the world”…”For the betterment of man!”

There are other cinematic demonstrations of “World Dominance” by mainframe governmental computers as well. I would suggest the viewing and warnings of these particular movies and/or available books on the subject.

Appliances – remote control – programming dependency, i.e., the television remote control device that we reach for as soon as we walk in the door are controlling tools, yes? Life dependent devices and the utilization of these things are causing the disappearance and death of independent thinking and interaction with our self worth as human thinking machines. Device dependency has caused drastic changes in our living operational syntax. Technology has also saved the lives of millions. Are we living in a paradox or oxymoronic existence, i.e., “cannot live with it”, “cannot live without it?”

“Archie Bunker”, the character on the T.V. show, “All In The Family”, was deemed to be dead by a Veterans Administration Computer System. Edith, his wife, receives quarters in the mail on a continuing basis via a computer glitch. When she returned the coins, she received cartons of prunes instead.

Whitehead, the neighborhood mortician and lodge brother to Archie, rings the doorbell of the Bunker household.

He is welcomed and enters the home as he begins to explain to Edith, the benefits of utilizing his services. He begins to show his line of coffins and funeral services. Edith attempts to convince the mortician that her husband is not dead. He continues his cadence insisting that loved ones are always alive in memory when Archie appears from the upstairs bathroom. Needless to say, Whitehead is shocked and baffled by his presence. The mortician explains his source of information was from a computer print out report on the dead and dying…as well as the costs of the acquired data. Meanwhile, Archie and Edith head down to the Veterans Administration Authority in an attempt to convince the administrators that Archie is not dead. They, the administrators, explain the reason that the mistake was made while Archie and Edith show the living proof of his existence. The man who was actually deceased was an “Archie Banker.” One digit of his social security number was also found to be out of place on his keypunch data card.

Now do not get me wrong…I too, am aided by electronic technological devices and the joy they can bring! I love my T.V., video and audio equipment. What would I do without my computer? My battery operated watch and cell phone is a must!

Was the cell phone created for people on the go? Was it created for business folks who need to keep in constant contact with the home office? Was it created for emergencies…like if you are involved in an accident, and need immediate access to emergency assistance?

Everywhere you look, on every street, on every bus, on every train, plane, and automobile…this metallic-plastic growth between head and hand, the thumb and pinky of the right or left hand sustains the device in its proper place. Also controlled now by Colossus, the superior intellect. The cell phones of that era are too big to be placed in the average coat pocket. The cell phones of that time period, the seventies, were the first models to be used by the government(s) and their agents. Yes…the big cumbersome “walkie–talkie” type radios that looked like wartime field devices, are no comparison to the mini telephones of today. Tech New Master

Would it be at all possible for me to engage in this format if not for the Internet and the peripherals that allow for access? I think not. Where are we going in this age of “Cloud Computing” and constant hookup to the “Information Highway?”

The “Black Friday” tradition is one such entity that has survived throughout man-made time. People get trampled and crushed to death for the chance to gain what they believe to be significant savings in their budgets and/or spending allowances. I thought we were in a recession! There are still traffic jams in the middle of the day, overcrowded parking lots of shopping malls and mini malls as well. Money is being spent on Christmas gifts as if there was nothing wrong with the economy. It makes me wonder what I have done wrong. Where did I go wrong? Why is it that I have to continually struggle and compete for unreachable jobs and career opportunities when I see hundreds of people going about their routines and spending money on electronic devices by the thousands.

Television commercials bombard the airways with their wares and its multitude of applications; the average cell phone user will not and probably cannot afford to utilize the costly applications available via the Internet, due to the extra fees and such.

Texting has reached an all time high with the younger set. The practice has risen to the level of causing all types of automobile accidents and other life threatening behavior. Texting has recently become popular with the older smart phone user as well.

Like many people I have grown accustomed to the accommodations and advantages of the home computer. I would probably go nuts without it. I have…when it has crashed and/or been compromised to the point that I am without connection to the world via the Net, I either fix it or replace it. I refuse to be without one. What about you?

Would you give up your electronic technology gadgets to help save the planet and/or mankind? What about your habits of constant attachment to the WAN Network? Would you give them up in the name of less dependency and/or self-control? Would you limit your use of these devices now that you have been enlightened as to what may occur? Would you stop the annoying habit of misusing your technological communications with the respect of others who wish to not hear your conversation(s)? I think not. How about you…the laptop user who insists on displaying the monitor and/or its sound system on the train, plane, bus, or automobile that allows a broad view of your explicit and personal data? I think not. The ego is a very dangerous thing.


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