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What Is a Biblically Accurate Angel?

What Is a Biblically Accurate Angel?

In the post, the user pointed out depictions of angels as described in Ezekiel 1 , Ezekiel 10 and Daniel 10 among others. The post gained over 420,000 notes in four years as people commented on how terrifying the depictions appeared. This passage specifically refers to people not getting married at the resurrection—the resemblance to angels isn’t really Jesus’ point here. He was speaking to religious leaders who did not believe in the resurrection of the dead, who were trying to test him. I saw two angels lift me up going to the throne of God and heard voices singing while we are traveling into the dark tunnel.

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Since ancient times, artists have attempted to capture images of angels on canvas. So we can see that it looks like God also has his good angels over countries and kingdoms working to do His will, and protecting and strengthening kings and the people. So it looks like Gabriel was assigned to be with the kings of Medo-Persia, to strengthen and protect them.


He also plays a role in the apocryphal Book of Enoch, which is considered canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox, Eritrean Orthodox, and Ethiopian Catholic Churches. The Catholic Church generally does not regard Uriel as an angel just as the Book of Enoch is not part of the Catholic Bible used by most Catholics either. Angels, being spiritual beings, can take on different forms. As we see in Scripture, at times they can appear as humans. But because Scripture offers some bizarre imagery as well for these beings, we cannot definitely know what one looks like.

We’re going to discuss what are some of the interesting facts about angels in the Bible. Throughout the years, the depiction of the angels has been transliterated from different versions. Even in the lore, they have different interpretations of the angels. In the modern age, angels have appeared in some movies, books, and comics. Most of us believed that angels are born when a good person passed away. We described them as powerful and majestic beings whose physical features have been romanticized and accepted by society.

In the 12th century, scholars divided the angels around God into categories based on a hierarchical system. In Christianity, this is referred to as the three spheres and the nine orders of angels, because it describes a three-tier system with three types of angels in each tier. But near biblically correct angel of this Hierarchy are the Cherubim. That’s not to say that heaven does not have its fair share of human-like angels. But, since they don’t change our perception of what angels look like, we’ll focus on the Biblically accurate angels who would actually be scary.

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