Your need to manage your transport business can be effectively served by a fleet management system. If you are searching for most favorable system in this direction, you can find two options coming your way. The first option is PC based management system for your transport business, while the second option is a web based system. A PC based system will allow software to be installed in your machine to help you track the fleet, whereas in a web based solution, you are required to get subscribed to an online service provider.

Now, the question is which of these two options can offer fleet management purchasing more advantages to your business. If you want an answer to this question, here are few parameters to escort you.
Easy Access With Web based System
With subscription to an online GPS fleet management service, you can access and monitor your fleet from any part of the region. All you need to have is an access to computer and internet and you can manage your fleet from your home as well as office. However, with a PC based management, you are restricted to monitor your fleet from only one machine in which the software is installed. However, the PC based management is more secure, as there is no threat of password misuse.
What Is The Price
The PC based fleet GPS tracking system is one time investment. You are required to purchase the system once and get it installed in your machine. On the other hand, a web based management can demand for monthly subscription fees. However, this fees is not a huge amount to be spent, still you can facilitate your small budget with one time investment of PC based management.
Hassle Free Management
With a web based , you can expect network choking and other similar hassles on the path of managing your fleet. However, if you have a fast and efficient internet connection, this problem can be easily solved. As far as PC based management system is concerned, it is not at all prone to any network problems.
What Matters Is The Company
Both PC based as well as web based GPS systems have their own sets of advantages and minor disadvantages, which can be easily tackled. What matters the most is the source from which you are availing these systems. Thus, a good amount of research is expected from you, before finalizing the deal for a dedicated GPS system.

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