When your Dwarf hunter reaches level 10 you can complete a special five quest chain and earn what I consider to be the best thing about being a hunter – your hunting pet! There are a few tips that will make these quests easier to perform. Here is the information you need as a Dwarf hunter to complete these quests easily.

One important note: You have to perform these quests in your own Dwarf starting area; you cannot receive or complete the hunter beast taming quests in any other racial area. Later on you can tame most any beast you can find, assuming your level is high enough, but to learn the beast taming skill you have to start with your Dwarf trainer and the beasts that are found in the Dwarf starting area.

This is a five quest chain, but you actually don’t have to complete the first quest; all the first quest does is to send you to the quest giver for the following four quests. You can just go directly to the goal for quest 1, Grif Wildheart (the quest giver for quests 2 through 5,) and start there.

You will find Grif Wildheart in Kharanos, Dun Morogh, directly across from the Kharanos Inn. Look on the west side of the road up on top of the little hill.

Grif Wildheart will give you a taming rod. Place the taming rod on your item bar or action bar so that you can find it easily when you find the beastie you want to tame. You will get a new taming rod for each beast, so dispose of the taming rod after you successfully complete each taming quest. You can hover over the rod icon on your bar or in your inventory to see which beast the rod tames.

To tame a beast target it (with a left click or with the tab key) and then right click the taming rod. The beast will approach you with little hearts floating above his head. He will attack you. DO NOT ATTACK the beast. Allow him to hit you and DO NOT MOVE. After several hits the beast will stop attacking and will be your pet. You get credit for the quest at this point.

If you attempt to tame a beast and see Invalid Target when selecting the beast make certain you are targeting the exact beastie you are supposed to tame. For example, make sure you are targeting a Large Crag Boarnot an Elder Crag Boar, or just a plain old Crag Boar.

After you tame the beast successfully you can practice a bit using the available commands on your pet bar. This is a good time to think about what beast you would like for a pet after you complete the fourth quest.

When you dismiss the pet it will attack you, so command it to Stay, and then run away to a safe distance before using the Dismiss command. To Dismiss the beast, right click the portrait of your pet and select Dismiss from the drop down menu.

Use your beast tracking skills (on the mini-map) to find the following beasts for Taming the Beast quests 2 through 4:

Quest 2- Large Crag Boar – Look in the valley to the south-east of Grif Wildheart and to the west.

Quest 3: Snow Leopard – These are in the valley to the south-east of Grif Wildheart; especially towards the southern end of the valley.

Quest 4: Ice Claw Bear – Look in the valley to the south-east of Grif Wildheart, especially in the north east of the valley.


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