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Your Life As a Confinement Lady

If you are about to have your first baby, life as confinement lady may seem scary, depression, or even undesirable. Or, you could be like many other women who simply don’t know what it will be like as a confinement lady. Put your fears to rest! While there are some struggles and obstacles that you will have to go through as a confinement lady and your life will definitely change, with the right nanny you will come out of it happier than ever.

Emotional Changes

A lot of the struggles that you will go through as a confinement lady come from the hormonal fluctuations and changes that occur after having a baby. You know your hormones spiked and went wild while you were pregnant, so it only makes sense that after you have the baby those hormone levels will need to normalize. This takes some time, which makes the confinement period a rather emotional time.

Some women breeze through the hormonal fluctuations as if they aren’t occurring at all, while others have a lot of mood swings and some very emotional days. You never know what experience you will have until you are officially a confinement lady with that beautiful baby at home. Just realizing that your hormones will need to normalize and that your crazy emotional states or mood swings are attributed to that will help. You know you aren’t going crazy and the hormones will die down eventually.

Lifestyle Changes

Some women imagine their life as a confinement lady as if they will become a shut-in who never gets out of the house. This is unrealistic, especially if you plan to hire a confinement nanny. As soon as your body heals from having the baby and you are feeling strong enough to move around a lot safely, there is no reason you shouldn’t get out of the house.

In fact, getting out of the house and resuming at 私密緊緻療程 least some activities of your former lifestyle will help prevent or overcome postpartum depression!

It is much easier to have a life and start developing your new lifestyle as a mother if you hire a confinement nanny. They will make your life as a confinement lady much easier, since you have someone safe to care for your baby while you run out to the market, get some exercise, or visit friends.
There will be a lot that has to change as you work the new baby into your lifestyle, but you don’t have to give up life altogether as a confinement lady.

The Baby

Having the baby in your home depending on you for every little need is the biggest change you will experience as a confinement lady. There is a lot of responsibility caring for a small baby, but there are also tender moments as you begin to bond with your baby and feel the overwhelming amount of love and pride that all mothers find with their babies.

Again, life as confinement lady will be a lot more comfortable and much easier if you have a confinement nanny helping you. They will share the responsibility of caring for your baby while giving you more opportunities to sleep, eat, get out of the house, and just spend bonding time with your new baby.



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